"Multi" Opens at Kent State Stark

“Multi” is comprised of paintings on paper, site-specific installation, and sculpture created over the last five months. Focusing on simple variations of diagonal and zigzag patterns and frame-in-frame compositions, the works challenge perceptions of flatness and depth, color contrasts, architectural space, and the painted surface. The works are somewhat informally installed, resting on the floor, curving around corners, draping over objects, and leaning against the wall. These installation methods provide a human quality and imperfect gesture for the hard-edged abstract and geometric compositions. The installation moves the eye across the room and down to the floor; the viewer herself zig-zags her gaze around the space. 

Collage has been central to my work for the past thirteen years. This show is itself a collage: modular pieces were created with the intention of building a singular work within the space as one might develop a drawing. Collage enables layering and tensions to exist in the work. Images and objects, rigid and flexible materials, straight and curved lines, and static and dynamic movement juxtapose one another throughout the gallery. This body of work is iterative of past pieces that were inspired by dazzle camouflage; repetition, high-contrast color combinations, and manipulative perspective lines confounded the observer and disrupted the space. Though this work is less immersive, it fools the eye and jolts perceptions of image, objects, and space. 

MULTI is on view thru APRIL 6 at Main Hall Art Gallery, Kent State University at Stark, 6000 Frank Avenue NW, North Canton, Ohio

Viewing hours: Monday - Friday 11am to 5pm (closed during spring break, March 26 – April 1) 

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